Describe the best holiday you have ever had
Describe the best holiday you have ever had

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Describe the best holiday you have ever had.

You should say

  • where it was
  • when you went
  • who you went with.

You should also say why it was your best holiday.


Well, definitely the best holiday that I can remember was actually only a few months ago, not long after I arrived in New Zealand. I went camping at Mangawhai Heads a couple of hours north of Auckland. We went there for the Labour weekend holiday, so it was quite busy, but the atmosphere was great.

The lady at the campsite told us about a beach we could go to – it wasn’t signposted, but it was down a dirt road with lots of potholes. When we got to the beach I was amazed – the sand was stunningly white and there was hardly anyone there at all! I’ve always loved going to the beach – I used to go most weekends in the summer when I was a child – but this beach was so much cleaner.

Anyway, on this trip I went with a couple of friends from my language school. We’re from different countries but all in the same class, so we all speak about the same level of English. There are quite a few reasons why I think it was the best holiday I have ever had. As I mentioned, I love the beach and this beach was just perfect. And then there was the opportunity to get out of the city and see some of the rest of New Zealand.

The people we met there were so friendly! There was a Kiwi family camping next to us and they invited us to come to their barbecue. We weren’t very prepared, but they seemed to have everything. On top of that, it was the perfect opportunity to practise my English, which is always good.

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