Questions 1 – 7 feedback
Questions 1 – 7 feedback

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For these questions, you needed to decide whether the statements were true, false or not given. We will look more at how to answer this and other types of questions in later lessons in the reading course. We know that the answers for the first seven questions come from the first two texts. Let’s start with question 1. The letter begins with this sentence, so we know that the first statement is false because the times given are in the afternoon. For question 2, we know that the statement is true because the text refers to this. Question three is also true because of this. For question 4, the text comments on how long the school has been promoting healthy lunches but does not refer to how long the event has been running. Question 5 moves on to the second text. The answer is true because of this. For question 6, we know that parents are invited to join competitions because of this, but no information is given about the types of competitions, so therefore the answer is not given. The final true, false not given question is true, because of this.

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