Video: Additional tips
Video: Additional tips

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Here are some tips for this question style. Tip 1. You should follow the instructions for the number of words. Tip 2 – wrong spelling will cost you a point. Another useful tip for this type of question is to consider the grammar of the question. The answers will come in order of the listening, but you may have to put information from two sentences together to get the answer. Let’s use this question as an example. If speaker 1 says ‘Car A is better than Car B, but is more expensive’ and speaker 2 replies ‘I need to choose the cheaper option’, we would answer this question with Car B. The final tip for this question type is when transferring your answers at the end of the test, always read the form, notes, table, flowchart or summary again including your answers. This will give you an indication of whether your answer seems to fit the overall pattern.

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