Summary of this lesson
Summary of this lesson

Summary of this lesson

In this lesson, you should have learned…

  1. that you should spend about 40 minutes on Task 2
  2. that Task 2 is worth more to your final result than Task 1
  3. that you need to give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples
  4. that you should write at least 250 words
  5. that you will be marked on 4 criteria (Task Response, Cohesion and coherence, Lexical resource, Grammatical range and accuracy)
  6. that there are 4 types of Task 2 essay (Give an opinion / challenge a point of view, Compare points of view, Give solutions to a problem, Discuss a given situation)

More information on the 4 types of Task 2 essays is in the ‘Getting ideas and planning’ lesson


Now take the end of lesson review

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