Video: Part 3 of the speaking test
Video: Part 3 of the speaking test


Part Three. Here are some common questions for Part Three of the speaking test.

How long is Part Three? Part Three takes 4 to 5 minutes

What do I have to do? Answer more complicated questions from the examiner

What is the focus of the questions? A wide range but with no specialist or technical knowledge required

What kind of topics? They are related to the topic card from Part Two

How many questions will I be asked in Part Three? This depends on the length of your answers

Should I try to talk for as long as possible? You should extend your answers as much as possible but be coherent and relevant

Some example questions:

  • Do you think people watch too much television these days?
  • Why do you think that is?
  • Do you think parents should allow children to watch television?
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