Describe your favourite way to relax
Describe your favourite way to relax

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Describe your favourite way to relax.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • when you started doing it
  • how often you do it.

You should also say how it relaxes you.


Without doubt, the way I prefer to relax is by playing computer games. Well, not so much computer games as my Xbox. I’ve always loved that kind of thing, but I bought my Xbox about six or seven months ago and I’ve hardly stopped playing it – I think it’s almost an addiction! The games can be quite expensive, so you need to save up, but the graphics are so good and some of the best games can take weeks to finish, so I suppose it doesn’t work out to be too bad.

Anyway, I normally rent games from the video shop. I get a couple of games a week, but if I really like it then I’ll go to the games shop and buy it rather than keep renting it. I play most nights unless I’m going out with friends, or have a lot of homework. Even then, I try to squeeze in a half an hour after my studies. Some nights though, especially at the weekend, I can play for hours at a time.It’s probably not good for my eyes focusing on the television too long.

For anybody watching me play, they would probably be surprised to hear me say it relaxes me because I can get pretty angry if I keep failing at some part of a game. The reason it relaxes me is a little different though – it allows me for a short time to be somewhere else, to forget about my studies or this IELTS test or anything serious.

After playing games for a while, I often find things like my homework are a lot less complicated than I thought. I think it’s important to have some time to yourself, away from everything and everyone else.

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