Video: Feedback on the practice exercise
Video: Feedback on the practice exercise

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We already know that it is about a customer looking for a laptop. For Q1, you should have been looking for a use while travelling. For question 2, it should have been obvious that the answer was a feature or function of the product while ‘away from electric points‘. For question 3, a likely keyword was ‘Axer Business Pro’. You should have been listening for a reference to how long it could be used without charging. Question 4 was relatively simple to identify because you should have expected to hear a price. Question 5 referred to a period of time related to a guarantee or warranty. Questions 6 to 9 were related to personal details of the customer. We already knew she was female because of her title (Mrs) and we knew that her first name began with ‘H’, so you should have been listening for her surname and address. For question ten, the answer was related to a mobile phone, yet the letters n/a – meaning not applicable – told us that the answer was something other than the mobile telephone number.

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