Model answer for giving & asking for information

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. You will soon start a new job and need to move to another city for work. You have a friend who already lives there. Write to your friend. In your letter • talk about your new job and reasons for the move • request help in … Read more

Model answer for giving information

You are meeting an important business contact from overseas who you have never met in person. You are meeting him/her at the airport. Write to your business contact. In your letter • explain that you will meet him/her • tell them where to wait for you if you are late • talk about how you … Read more

Vocabulary for giving information

Here is some useful vocabulary in different registers for giving information: Informal I’m not sure if you know but… Hey, did you know…? Have you heard about…? Informal or semi-formal Just to let you know.. I thought you should know that… Semi-formal or formal To confirm.. You may be interested to know.. Are you aware…? … Read more

Model answer for asking for information

You are planning to visit another city and your friend knows some people who live there and has suggested you contact them. Write to these people. In your letter • enquire about good restaurants suitable for a budget traveller • enquire about places of interest to visit during your trip • suggest that you meet … Read more

Vocabulary for asking for information

Here is some useful vocabulary in different registers for asking for information: Informal I’d like to know… I’m looking for info about… Any chance you know about…? Informal or semi-formal Is there any way that you could tell me…. Can you find out about…for me? Do you happen to know…? Semi-formal or formal If it … Read more

Review of register

In Unit 3, we looked at register (the level of formal, informal or semi formal language you should use depending on the context). In this quick test, we will review register with the three questions from the previous exercise. Click the link below to get started!

Asking for or giving information?

Before we continue with this lesson, let’s make sure you can identify between giving and asking for information with this quick test. Click the link below to get started!

Summary of this lesson

In this lesson, you should have learned… how to decide whether you should give information, ask for information or a mix of both in your Task 1 letter a selection of useful phrases for asking for and giving information how register has an impact on the language used in ‘information’ letters how a complete writing … Read more

Essential vocabulary for this lesson

To complete this lesson, you will need to know the following vocabulary. When you are sure you know all the words, continue to the next page. PROMOTION BUDGET RECOGNISE INCONVENIENT GRATEFUL WORTHWHILE INFORM ENQUIRE ACCOMMODATION

Aims for this lesson

By the end of this lesson, you will know: a range of useful phrases used for asking for information a range of useful phrases used for giving information what types of questions require you to ask for and give information how to avoid the errors made in common phrases how to structure a letter asking … Read more