Speaking test 9

Answer the questions. Try to speak for the time shown in brackets for each section. Part 1 (4 to 5 minutes) “Do you take many photographs?” “Do you prefer to take photographs of people or places?” “Are you happy to have your photograph taken?” “What is public transport like in your country?” “Do many people … Read more

Unit 1 vocabulary list

Tips for using the vocabulary for IELTS lists: Look carefully through the list to make sure you know the words and are confident that you can use them in your written or spoken English. Look up the meaning of any new words and put them in a sentence. If you’re not sure your sentence is … Read more

Past simple irregular verbs

Irregular verbs, as the name suggests, don’t follow a pattern. You simply need to learn them. In this lesson you will find an irregular verbs list. We suggest you try to learn a few each day. But before we look at an irregular verbs list, we need to think about how to form regular verbs. … Read more

Pronunciation of the past simple

Pronunciation of regular past tense verbs can change. For example, ‘He worked’ sounds like ‘He workt’ Base verb Sounds like /t/ Sounds like /d/ sounds like /id/ Work Worked Look Looked Talk Talked Like Liked Watch Watched Laugh Laughed Wish Wished Listen Listened Open Opened Learn Learned Change Changed Climb Climbed Try Tried Paint Painted … Read more

Structure of the past simple

In English grammar, the past simple is used to talk about finished events or actions in the past. Here are some example sentences including regular past simple verbs: I worked last Monday. They studied for an English test last week. She smiled when she saw him. The past simple can also be used to talk … Read more

The present simple

In English grammar, the present simple is used to talk about habits and routines. Here is an example of the present simple in a sentence: I work on weekdays. The present simple can also be used to talk about something you don’t do. I don’t eat meat. The present simple verb can change if you … Read more