Using this site

Working through the course

The course is divided into 10 units. We recommend that you start with Unit 1 and work down through the resources in the order they are presented. When you have finished a complete unit, take a full practice test. You should then move on Unit 2 and repeat this pattern. If you find that your results in the practice tests are not improving as you progress through the course, make sure to contact your support tutor.

Practice exercises within the lessons

As you progress through each lesson, you will have lots of practice exercises to consolidate your learning. The pages with the practice exercises have a header image that says ‘Quick test’. Make sure to click the link in blue, not the NEXT PAGE link! See the image below for an example.

Using the ‘Notes’ feature

Every page in the units has a ‘TAKE NOTES’ button in orange at the bottom of the page. Use this feature to record points that you think are important Use the notes feature to make a note of anything you think is interesting. You can refer back to your notes later, and can even print them or download them.

Understanding the lesson categories

Throughout the course, you will see the resources have been divided into different categories. These are marked with an initial in front of the lesson name.

R: Reading lessons

W: Writing lessons

L: Listening lessons

S: Speaking lessons

CS: Core Skills lessons (grammar, punctuation etc)

V: Vocabulary lessons