Video: Rephrasing using adjectives

Narration: Now let’s put some sentences together using the language of trends and adjectives to show speed and amount of change. Looking at this graph, we will prepare a sentence to describe the trend from March to April using this construction. The sentence typically starts with There was a or There was an, followed by … Read more

Present continuous for the future

We can also use the present continuous tense to talk about arrangements we make with other people that are planned and will happen in the future. For example: I am meeting David next week. My company is moving to a new office next year. They are flying to Thailand tomorrow. Are you having dinner with … Read more

Summary of this lesson

In this lesson, you should have learned… how to identify the general topic, the specific topic and the task words in a Task 2 essay title. that Task 2 essay titles can be presented in different ways that not every Task 2 title has a general topic, a specific topic and task words why it … Read more

Video: Open and closed questions

Narration: To get a good result in your Task 2 writing test, you need to fully answer the question. In order to make sure you do this, you need to be clear exactly what you are being asked to do. You have already seen how questions can have a general topic, a specific topic and … Read more

Video: Forming questions

Narration: Logically, it is easier to write an answer to Task 2 if you first have a question. For some Task 2 titles, you are given a title which is already in question form which makes it easier to prepare and write an answer. For example, in this Task 2 title it is clear what … Read more

Video: Question focus

Narration: However, it is important to remember that not all Task 2 questions have three sections. Sometimes you are only given a specific topic and task words. In this example, we can see that there is no general topic. The question has only 2 parts – the specific topic and the task words. Also in … Read more