Where people live

Where people live Places cosmopolitan (environment) metropolitan (city) downtown city centre urban the suburbs / suburban areas (NOTE: when referring to the suburbs, we generally always use THE) rural the outskirts CBD (Central Business District) city hall coastal city inland city mountainous city housing accommodation housing complex industrial estate housing estate apartment (US) / flat … Read more

Topic-based vocabulary: THE LAW

Degrees of crime Misdemeanour – A minor crime, punishable by a fine or a light jail term Felony [US English] – a crime punishable by death or imprisonment in excess of one year. Infraction – generally used to describe minor crimes when the law has been broken (e.g. riding a bicycle at night without lights … Read more

Unit 8 vocabulary list

Unit 8 vocabulary list. Look carefully through the list to make sure you know the words and are confident that you can use them in your written or spoken English. Look up the meaning of any new words and put them in a sentence. If you’re not sure your sentence is correct, post it in … Read more