Video: Marking criteria

Narration: What is the examiner looking for in your speaking test? The examiner is looking for you to demonstrate ability in four areas in your speaking test. First, Fluency and Coherence Can you keep speaking at normal speed, without noticeable pauses? Are your ideas relevant and connected? Lexical Resource Can you use a range of … Read more

Aims of this lesson

By the end of this lesson, you will know: That there are three parts to the speaking test The types of topics you will need to talk about How long each part of the test takes That the examiner is looking for you to demonstrate skills in 4 areas: Fluency and Coherence Lexical Resource Grammatical … Read more

Video: Part 3 of the speaking test

Narration: Part Three. Here are some common questions for Part Three of the speaking test. How long is Part Three?Part Three takes 4 to 5 minutes What do I have to do? Answer more complicated questions from the examiner What is the focus of the questions? A wide range but with no specialist or technical … Read more

Which topic card?

Read the extract from Part Two. Which topic card is the candidate talking about? Candidate’s answer: Well, I don’t usually watch much television, but I like anything with the actor Chris Pratt. He has been in quite a few movies – some of them were quite good, so I was interested in his new TV … Read more