Matching/Classifying quiz

Let’s quickly review what you know about matching and classifying questions. Click the link below to get started!

Video: Tips for matching and classifying

Narration: Here are some tips for completing matching or classifying questions. Tip 1: it is important to remember that the category, such as a person’s name, may appear multiple times in the passage. Tip 2: You will need to consider reference words. For example, the first time Scott Bradley is mentioned his name is used, … Read more

Video: Classifying feedback

Narration: With classifying questions, the same six steps are used. From reading the statement, we can use the keyword Hadrian’s Wall to scan the text. Having found the reference, we then look at the list we are classifying against and look for a reference to a time period. Reading in detail, we can see 43 … Read more

Video: Matching feedback

Narration: Now we will apply the six steps we looked at to the question from the beginning of the lesson. The first step is to read the statement, then identify any keywords. In this example, possible keywords are gap year, not enhance and employment opportunities. The keywords not enhance suggest that we are looking for … Read more

Video: Steps for answering matching and classifying

Narration: There are 6 steps to answering a matching or classifying question. The first step is to read the statement you are matching or classifying. Then you should identify keywords from the statement. From there, you should locate the relevant area of the passage. When you think you have found the relevant area, look at … Read more

Video: Matching and classifying

Narration: Matching and classifying questions use the same skills, so we will present them together. Both of these question types test your ability to recognise relationships between facts, theories or opinions. Here are examples of matching and classifying questions. In both matching and classifying questions, you have to write a letter on your answer sheet. … Read more

Matching and classifying example

Before we go any further, take a look at an example of a matching question and a classifying question. Click the link below to get started.

Summary of this lesson

In this lesson you should have learned… the similarities and differences between matching and classifying questions what you need to do for each type the way of approaching both of these question types the essential tips for choosing the correct answer the common errors that result in lost points Now take the end of lesson … Read more

Essential vocabulary for this lesson

To complete this lesson, you will need to know the following vocabulary. When you are sure you know all the words, continue to the next page. CONFIRM CLASSIFY MATCH CATEGORY STATEMENT MULTIPLE REFERENCE WORD RECOGNISE

Aims of this lesson

By the end of this lesson, you will know: what the differences are between classifying and matching questions what the similarities are between these types of questions the steps you should take when you are answering these two types of question the tips you need to locate the correct answer what common errors candidates make … Read more