Summary of this lesson

In this lesson you should have learned… what short answer questions are what you need to do to answer this question type the best way to prepare for this question type some useful tips for finding the correct answer the common errors that you should avoid Now take the end of lesson review

Video: Tips for short answer questions

Narration: Tip 1 – like other questions that have a word limit, you should always make sure that your answers are not too long. Tip 2 – you should also expect the information given on the question paper to be rephrased in the recording. Tip 3 – with short answer questions, the question words used … Read more

Video: Feedback on practice exercise

Narration: Now we will consider how we found the correct answers. For question 31, the question words asked ‘what type of position’ telling us that the answer was some kind of employment. We also knew from the question that, for the audience, this type of work was new because of the reference to first time. … Read more

Video: Steps for short answer questions

Narration: The steps for short answer questions are as follows: First, you should read the instruction words carefully to see how many words you need to answer with or whether you need to use a number. You should then identify keywords, qualifying words and question words from the questions. You should also consider how the … Read more

Video: Intro to short answer questions

Narration: Short answer questions test your ability to understand a rephrased sentence and identify key points in the recording. There are two types of short answer question. Here are some examples. With short answer questions, you have to answer the question given using a number of words or a number. Generally there are no more … Read more

Essential vocabulary for this lesson

To complete this lesson, you will need to know the following vocabulary. When you are sure you know all the words, continue to the next page. EXCEED REFERENCE ANTICIPATE IRRELEVANT GENERIC

Aims of this lesson

By the end of this lesson, you will know: what short answer question are in the listening test what you need to do the find the correct answer the best way to prepare for this question type some useful tips for finding the correct answer what the common errors are and how to avoid them