The online IELTS course

Our online IELTS course includes EVERYTHING you need to get the best possible result in your IELTS test. Take a look below to see what’s included:


The reading lessons

The reading section of the course has individual lessons, exercises and end-of-lesson tests for EVERY question type used in the IELTS test. Did you know that the answers for TRUE /FALSE / NOT GIVEN style questions always come in the order of the text? Do you have a technique for answering Headings-style questions? Our course will give you a clear path to understanding how to approach every question type, the common errors candidates make and exactly what the questions are testing your ability to do. As well as the lessons on each question type, there are lessons on speed reading, skimming and scanning a text, timing your test and much more.

The listening lessons

Just like the lessons for the reading, the course includes individual lessons on EVERY question type used in the IELTS test. You will also learn about signpost words, intonation, what to do when you you’ve lost your place in the questions, the best techniques for using the time you are given an much more.

The writing lessons

There are lessons for each aspect of being able to write a good answer in Task 1 and Task 2 of the IELTS writing test. You will learn how to analyse the question, identify the 4 common task types for Task 2 writing, how to write a clear introduction, organising your paragraphs and much more. Did you know that the most common error in Task 2 is failing to provide a concession paragraph? Find out exactly what you need to do to get the best result possible!

The speaking lessons

What do you do if you didn’t understand a question the examiner just asked you? Is intonation (the sound of your voice) as important as your grammar? How can I organise my ideas to talk for 2 minutes without a break in Part 2? These questions and much more are answered in the Speaking sections of the course, all supported with lots of model answers and essential language to help you speak at your best.

The grammar lessons

The Core Skills course is divided into different levels, ranging from Level A1 (Beginner) to Level C2 (Advanced). From prepositions and word order through to using the subjunctive and advanced rules for using articles, this course will help you improve your accuracy in writing and speaking, and make it much easier to follow the reading and listening tests. The course also includes a 60 question grammar test which will tell you your current grammar level from beginner to advanced, and will also tell you what structures you need to work on to improve. You can take the test multiple times from the random question bank, meaning you won’t take the same test twice! Grammar accounts for 25% of your result in both the speaking and the writing test, so can you afford not to be prepared?

The vocabulary lessons

Being able to use and understand a wide range of vocabulary is very important for a good IELTS result. Every lesson in the course begins with a vocabulary check to make sure you understand the words used in the lessons themselves, but the course also has a 10 level vocabulary progression to make sure you can use the very best language on your test day. Not sure about your spelling? No problem – take the practice exercises (listen to a word and then type the correct spelling) to improve your skills with ease. There are also lessons and resources on how to remember new vocabulary, how to spell more accurately and much more.

The core skills lessons

In addition to the lessons above, there are also the core skills lesson, focusing on essential aspects like punctuation, linking words (these make up 25% of your writing result!) and more. Do you know what a comma splice is? Do you know when and how to use a semi-colon? What’s the difference between ‘In contrast’ and ‘On the other hand’?

The interactive pronunciation section

We are very proud of our new addition to our course – the pronunciation section allows you to speak and then be graded on how clearly and accurately your are pronouncing words! With practice and perseverance, you can speak with a much better level of clarity – and this leads to a much better score!

The 800 page eBook

ALL members can download the complete eBook with over 800 pages and downloadable audio files! Get interactive online IELTS preparation AND a downloadable 800+ page pdf & audio files.
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