CORE SKILLS: Test your grammar for IELTS
CORE SKILLS: Test your grammar for IELTS

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There are 60 questions in this quiz, from beginner to advanced. When you check your answers, you will see which were correct and which were incorrect, as well as links to the learning material so you can study the questions you answered incorrectly. You will also find out what your approximate English grammar level is.

Please note:

1. If you do not know the answer to a question, don’t just guess – this will not tell you your true grammar result.

2. This test will take approximately 30 minutes – make sure you have time to complete it fully if you want to know your grammar level.

3. Each time you take the test, the questions will change – you never take the same test twice, so you can come back again and again to see if your level has improved.

4. Once the test is completed, you will be told whether your current grammar level is beginner, elementary, pre intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate or advanced.