Giving personal information in English
Giving personal information in English

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Giving personal information in English. In English conversations, you need to give people information about you. For example, ‘My name is..‘. On this page, will look at ways of giving personal information about yourself.

Your name:

  • Hello, my name is….
  • Hi, I’m…
  • I am….
  • Please call me…
  • My first name is…
  • My surname / family name / last name is…
  • My middle name is… [David John Smith]
  • My nickname is… [a name friend call you, but not your real name]

Your age:

  • I’m 28.
  • I’m 28 years old.
  • I’m in my twenties.
  • I’m in my late twenties.
  • My birthday is in March.
  • My date of birth is 3rd March 1998.

Your address:

  • I live in London.
  • I live at 31, Oxford Road, London.
  • The postcode is E17BM.

Your family:

  • I have one brother and 2 sisters.
  • I have 2 children.
  • I have 1 nephew [my brother or sister’s boy]
  • I have 1 niece [my brother or sister’s girl]
  • I am a mother / father / parent. [I have children]
  • My wife [the woman I married]
  • My husband [the man I married]

Your marital status:

  • I’m married. [has a husband or wife]
  • I’m single. [no husband or wife]
  • I’m engaged. [going to be married]
  • I’m divorced. [no longer married – not with my husband and wife now]
  • I’m widowed. [husband or wife has died]

Now let’s look at some example conversations about giving personal information in English.


David Smith Hello, my name is David.
Helen Anne Johnson Hi, I’m Helen.
David Smith Hi Helen. What’s your surname?
Helen Anne Johnson It’s Johnson. What’s yours?
David Smith Smith. Do you have a middle name?
Helen Anne Johnson Yes, it’s Anne. Do you have a middle name?
David Smith No, but I have a nickname – my friends call me Davo.
Helen Anne Johnson Oh! How old are you Davo?
David Smith I’m in my early thirties. How about you?
Helen Anne Johnson I’m 28. My birthday is on the 2nd of March.
David Smith My date of birth is 5th March 1989. Are you married, Helen?
Helen Anne Johnson Yes, my husband’s name is Paul. We have 2 children – one girl and one boy. Are you married?
David Smith Not now – I am divorced. I have no children, but my sister has one.
Helen Anne Johnson Oh, so you’re an uncle. Do you have a niece or a nephew?
David Smith A nephew – my sister’s son is called Joe.

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