Some complete examples
Some complete examples

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Here are some complete examples of giving an extended answer when talking about likes, dislikes and preferences:

1. I’d prefer to live in the countryside than in the city. Admittedly, the night-life is a little bit lacking but tranquillity is more important to me.

2. Living in a house is better than a flat because it is more spacious. Granted, this can mean more to clean, but it’s worth it to have more room.

3. I like being in the centre of the city more than in a quiet suburb as there’s more to do. Although it could be argued that the outskirts are safer, I think even the middle of town isn’t that dangerous.

4. I’d rather share with friends than live alone – it’s much more fun. Granted, privacy can be a problem, but it’s good to have people to talk to.

5. I like older houses – the architecture is far superior to modern designs. Admittedly, repairs might need to be done more often, but at least they have some character.

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