Candidate’s answer with errors
Candidate’s answer with errors

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Read the response below. The candidate has made 5 errors. See if you can identify them, then scroll down to check.

Ermm.. well I am not minding it. I suppose it has some good and bad points. I really love the garden we have in the back of the house. It’s quite privacy and looks lovely every summer. Hmmm… but I’m not very keen on our neighbours. They’re very noisy and it can be difficult to study sometimes. They play really loud pop music late into the night. I loathe those kinds of music at the best of times. It’s not that I dislike parties, just that I’m in to live a peaceful life really. On the whole, though, I like the area so I’m not planning on moving.






Error 1: “Ermm.. well I am not minding it.”

This should be ‘don’t mind’. The present continuous is not used for stative verbs showing feelings.

Error 2: “the garden we have in the back of the house”

This should be ‘at the back of the house’, not ‘in’.

Error 3: “It’s quite privacy”

This should be private (adjective) not privacy (noun).

Error 4: “I loathe those kinds of music”

This should be ‘that kind of music’ because only one kind was given.

Error 5: “I’m in to live a peaceful life really”

This should be living (we use the +ing form after phrases expressing likes or dislikes).

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