Video: Steps for heading questions
Video: Steps for heading questions

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Throughout this course, we will show you the steps needed to get the correct answer for each question type. However, it is assumed that you will have already skimmed the text at least once. To complete headings style questions, there are six steps you need to complete. In step 1, you need to look at the questions and make sure you know which paragraphs you need to find headings for. Do not assume that you will always start with the first paragraph. When you know which paragraph you are starting with, you should skim a second time. You are aiming to get a general idea of the main message of the paragraph. You should then look back at the list of headings.

Reading through, you should reject any that are not relevant or refer only to supporting information. You should then select the most suitable. If you are not sure of the answer and think two or more headings could be suitable, then you should write all the possible answers on your question paper. For example, you might be confident that the answer to Paragraph A is heading 5. However, for paragraph B, the answer could be either heading 2 or heading 4. At this point, mark both headings and move on. As you complete the rest of the questions, you might be able to logically work out the correct answer for paragraph B because one of the options you had selected fits better with another question. Remember that you are not penalised for wrong answers so if you are still not sure by the end of the test then you should write down your best guess – there’s no point in leaving any blank spaces on the answer sheet.

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