Video: Feedback
Video: Feedback

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Now we will consider how we found the correct answers. Having completed Step 1, we knew that we should be completing the questions with up to three words or a number. We also knew that because the instructions mentioned numbers that at least one of the answers was a number. For question 31, you should have noted that the sentence talks about characteristics of New Zealand, saying that it is young and small. From the context of the question, we can see that we should have been looking for another characteristic of New Zealand. Remember that in this type of question, the sentences are often rephrases or paraphrases of what you hear. For example, although was mentioned as despite. The speaker commented that New Zealand is a relatively young country, a very close rephrase of the sentence in the question. It is worth noting that the information needed to answer the question was presented in a slightly different order in the recording. For question 32, the context indicated that we were looking for a date. The actual answer was not simply a date, but a general time period – the late 1860s. For question 33, three key points you should have listened for a reference to were the Haka, the All Blacks and Maori tribes. You should also have realised that you were looking for an adjective, as the noun ‘spirit’ was given in the question. For question 34, you should have predicted that you were looking for another skill or attribute shown by New Zealand troops during the 2nd World War . Remember, of course, that you should also have anticipated rephrasing – teamwork and fitness are the same in both the recording and question. However, determination has been presented as willpower. That leaves us with the correct answer being strength. For question 35, the context suggested that the answer could have been either a place or a date. The recording gives us the date of 1884. The context of question 36 should have told you that the answer was likely to have been an adjective describing attitudes to sports and the outdoors. In the recording this was phrased as ‘participation in sporting activities and time spent outdoors is highly valued’. Question 37 indicated that the answer was related to an age, with the keywords ‘Golden Oldies’. The actual answer was not an age such as 70 years old, but was more general. It was actually ‘late in life’.

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